Best Shore Diving Spots in Gran Canaria

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Top four places to go scuba diving in Gran Canaria.

Blue Water Diving is here to offer the best shore diving spots Gran Canaria. We have picked four top spots for you to look at and consider diving with us whilst your over on your holiday.

Each excursion we offer comes with full equipment hire, transportation and a guide by one of our Professional Padi Diving Instructors or Divemasters, this way we can show you the underwater gems on the island. See our prices here!

Here are our Best shore diving spots Gran Canaria….

Amadores Beach – The lover’s beach.


Best shore diving spots Gran Canaria

Fabulous snorkelling and diving site

What is so special about Amadores?

Everything! We are able to take all level of divers to the site of Amadores! Not only does Amadores offer one of the calmest and relaxing entries to the water, it is perfect for the whole family as this 800-meter wide beach is bound with fantastic and reasonably priced bars, shops and restaurants!  It is the perfect place to relax after a great few dives.

In addition, the abundance of parking spaces ensure that the beach is easily accessible for everyone. However, make sure you get there early in the morning to guarantee to park, it isn’t called the lover’s beach for nothing. Everyone loves it!

I’m at Amadores but where do I go diving and what will i see?

Enter the water at the left side of the beach, and follow the rocks, just past the pedalos is the perfect place to wait and observe the abundance of Parrotfish, Damselfish, wrasse, and bream that inhabit the waters below. If you observe closely enough you may be able to spot an octopus hiding in the rocks beneath you!

Best shore diving spots Gran Canaria


Why is Tufia so special?

Located in the beautiful idyllic town of Tufia, this diving site is a hidden gem. The designated free car parking area makes this site ideal for a fun family filled day. A short walk past the quaint whitewashed houses brings you to the black volcanic sandy beach. Check out reviews about Tufia here!

What can i see?

Common sightings at Tufia are Flat Fish, Sting Ray and Lizard Fish, they are easy to find ans sometimes hidden in the sane you will see the occassional Angel Shark!

Puerto de Mogan

Best shore diving spots Gran Canaria

In addition to Amadores, Why is Puerto de Mogan one of the best spots to go diving in Gran Canaria?

If you want a relaxing day out on the beach, Puerto de Mogan is the place to be! Parking and a newly built bus stop once again make it extremely easy to get to.

Not only can you get some great dives from the shore, on Fridays there is a local market. Family members can visit here whilst the divers enjoy the underwater scene.

Where do we enter the water and what marine life will I see?

You can walk  into the water off the pebble beach,  just make sure you are careful about the tide. Once you are in the water you will be greeted by crystal clear water and the exciting prospect of caves to visit whilst underwater.  You will be welcomed by boxfish, parrot fish, damselfish, cuttlefish and much more.

Risco Verde

Best shore diving spots Gran Canaria

Why should I choose Risco Verde?

This diving location is a slightly longer distance, located in the North of the Island, but believe me, it is worth the effort. 
An extremely popular destination for divers and water enthusiasts alike, it is easy to see why.

Inhibiting the water below are Barracuda, Eagle-rays, Parrot Fish, Lizardfish, and Damsel Fish.

In conclusion, we have given to you some of our best shore diving spots Gran Canaria. Come join us on a great underwater adventure around Gran Canaria.

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